For best results please follow these guidelines.

1-   File Formats:

We recommend saving as a PDF. You may also send the file in the following types:  AI, EPS, PSD, TIFF, JPG, DOC.


2-   File Resolution:

All file formats must have a minimum of 300 dpi (dot per inch) resolution. The images designed for the web are done at a low screen resolution of 72 dpi. Print images need to be created at 300 dpi or there will be a substantial drop in the image quality.


3-   Color Mode:

All color artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color mode. All black & white artworks and/or images must be provided in grayscale color mode. Heavy inks might cause smearing.


4-   Bleed:

It is the portion of the card that will be trimmed off when cut to the final size. The purpose of a bleed is to continue a color, image or design to the edge of the card. Bleed must extend further than the cut line. Using one of our Templates can help you visualize this. Please keep all text and anything you do not want cut at least .125" away from the cut line.


5-   Fonts:

Fonts must be embedded in PDF files and outlined in EPS/AI files.